Cloud303 Solution: Disaster Recovery

Why do I need disaster recovery services? 

Disaster Recovery (DR) is protection from a digital disaster. In a data focused world, failures are inevitable – and level of preparedness can vary greatly.  DR services are pro-active steps to providing peace of mind and fast recovery from consequences that can damage business profitability and reputation. 

How does DR work?

Understanding the customer’s requirements is the first step. The critical questions to get answered are:

  • Is the source infrastructure needing disaster recovery solutions hosted on AWS? If not, where? 

  • Is there a defined Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

  • Is the goal to recover from a datacenter failure or if the source infrastructure is running on AWS, an availability zone failure, or a region failure?

With that information in mind, Cloud303 can implement a quick to deploy proven set of DR solutions for each scenario in a Well-Architected AWS account. 

  • AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is deployed for on-prem to AWS DR or VM to VM DR.

  • AWS Backup is configured for multi-AZ, multi-Region, and multi-Account scenarios.

  • AWS DataSync is configured with Lambda for data storage replication and recovery practices.

Cloud303 is part of our team.  They are reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. I don't think we'd have been able to adopt the cloud at this pace without them.

  Melissa Jackson • Chief Software Engineer

Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

Understanding the desired outcome 

Most businesses know they need DR, but to what extent? We help customers make educated decisions around Multi-AZ, Multi-Region, Multi-Account, etc. by considering their soft/hard requirements around Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Differential Rollback Capabilities, among others.

Understanding what is critical

Data loss and downtime can be catastrophic for a business, not to mention a disaster caused by threat actors. Criticality is determined by the customer, but we’re here to guide them with those questions. 

Understanding the tools  

All our DR solutions are built on the backbone of AWS services like DRS, Backup, DataSync, and Lambda. With decades of AWS and cutting-edge automation experience, we can not only just dream, but also build the ideal Disaster Recovery solution. 

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