AWS Gives Maysteel A Peace Of Mind With Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud303 Helps Cuts Data Backup Time From Hours To Seconds

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Maysteel is a manufacturing company that specializes in metal enclosures. To protect their data, they were physically moving drives from location to location, wasting a lot of man-hours. After working with Cloud303 they are saving time, they have a robust disaster recovery solution and have a partner they trust that they can turn to at any time.

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Our Customer

Maysteel is a manufacturing company that is headquartered outside of Milwaukee, WI with locations in the Southeast, Southwest, and Mexico. Their primary focus is metal enclosures such as the encasements used for self checkouts, and movie rental boxes.

The Challenge

Maysteel’s biggest challenge when they came to Cloud303 was their lack of reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. Employees would spend hours a week physically moving external hard drives from one place to another to ensure physical distance between copies of data in the case of a disaster befalling their data center. Needless to say, this system was wasting time that could be much better spent.

Why Maysteel Chose AWS?

AWS’ technology was a much more functional and seamless option than what they had been doing previously. Cloudendure for Disaster Recovery does backups in ten minute increments, only replicating changes, which is a system that worked perfectly for Maysteel’s needs. It is also a highly scalable and cost effective solution, which was appealing to the client.

Why Maysteel Chose Cloud303?

When Cloud303 was introduced to Maysteel through AWS, there had already been discussion of a solution. However, Cloud303 and Maysteel engineers quickly realized that the solution originally suggested by AWS was not going to be the best option for the client before any work had been done or money spent. Cloud303 was able to set them on the right path both quickly and seamlessly. The End User Compute (EUC) team at Cloud303 has a great deal of on-premises hardware management experience, so they are well-positioned to partner with clients with hybrid workloads.

      Phil Supinski     Sujaiy Shivakumar
CEO/Solutions Architect      CTO/Solutions Architect

AWS Services Employed:
 EC2 Elastic Disaster Recovery VPC

Cloud303's Solution

Cloud303 deployed Cloudendure for Disaster Recovery for Maysteel. Their servers are replicated in the cloud and can be spun up in just a few minutes in the event of a disaster. Also, because Cloudendure replicates volumes to the cloud but does not actually spin up servers until they are needed, this replication is significantly less expensive than a warm DR solution. Cloud303 will soon be moving Maysteel to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, a product that did not exist when their engagement first began. AWS purchased Cloudendure in 2019 and Elastic Disaster Recovery works basically the same way, however it has not been fully integrated into the AWS console rather than being a separate product. This way the client will be completely up-to-date and can manage their infrastructure in one place. Cloud303 also expects to continue their engagement with Maysteel and have them completely migrated to AWS by the end of the year. Cloud303 was able to leverage enough funding from AWS to cover the majority of the cost of the project..


Aside from no longer having to waste time physically moving data from location to location, the biggest benefit to their business was gaining a partner. Working with Cloud303 has saved their small IT department so much time in planning, and moving forward they always have someone to turn to with any issues that they’re having.

AWS Programs/Funding Used:
Partner Opportunity Acceleration Funding"MAP" Migration Acceleration Program