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Cloud303, Inc. is an award-winning AWS Preferred Consulting Partner with offices in Denver, Portland, and Boston. We provide expert, cutting-edge cloud solutions for clients in a multitude of industries specializing in HCLS through our knowledge of AI/ML, DevOps, HPC, and Microsoft. 


Life sciences – We help life sciences companies leverage AWS to optimize HPC, bioinformatics pipelines, compliance, Omics on AWS, FDA regulatory processes, protein folding, chemical simulation, CFD, and genomics.

Healthcare – We assist healthcare providers with data governance, compliance, security, telehealth/telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, analytics and visualization, medical imaging, EHR automations and integrations.

AI-Machine Learning – We have expertise in NLP, LLM, pattern/object recognition, facial recognition, liveness detection, semantics segmentation, and cardiac event detection.

DevOps – We specialize in containerization, automated deployments, infrastructure scalability, IaC, multi-account strategies, among others.

HPC – Implementation, Optimization, Benchmarking, Upgrades, and Proactive Upkeep.

Microsoft – We have a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, including VDI and licensing, and can help clients migrate effectively and optimize their Microsoft environments on AWS.

Disaster Recovery – Our cold-HA solution ensures fast, efficient disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes while maintaining a stable environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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Managed AWS – We provide ongoing proactive support for clients, ensuring their AWS environments are optimized and secure.

Well-Architected Reviews – Our experts conduct thorough reviews of clients' AWS environments, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

Cost-Optimization Program – We offer a comprehensive cost-optimization program on compute services where we can manage your saving mechanisms (reserved instances) with no liability or commitment to the customer. 

Dedicated Teams – Each client gets a dedicated team of specialists throughout the lifecycle of the engagement, ensuring context is never lost, and the client never needs to explain the account history.


Our company has been certified with expert competencies in Migration Services, DevOps Services, and Amazon EC2 for Windows Service Delivery.