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What is AWS Skill Builder?

AWS Skill Builder is a training and certification program offered by Amazon Web Services. It helps individuals and teams develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively leverage AWS. 

All Skill Builder trainings are built by the experts at AWS, and updated regularly so you can feel confident knowing that your staff are always learning the latest information and keeping their cloud skills fresh. Your employees will learn best practices they can use right away, with training developed from the source based on real-world scenarios.

Now, Cloud303 is proud to offer our clients individual and team subscriptions at a special discount. Read on to learn more about how Skill Builder can help your organization thrive on AWS.


Companies that have engaged in Skill Builder training and certifications for their employees have seen notable returns on their investments. Here are a few deliverables that AWS has noted regarding their trainings:

  • Closed skills gap - 85% of leaders report shortages in workforce skills to capitalize on cloud investments

  • Accelerated cloud transformation - Develop essential skills to tackle business initiatives and drive organizational outcomes

  • More agile - Trainings can give companies a competitive edge.

  • More secure systems - Improved cloud security workloads.
  • Less downtime - Faster troubleshooting 
  • Team coordination - Build rapport through group learning

Key Customer Benefits

Faster to adopt cloud
More likely to improve IT staff productivity
30% Rise
In employee satisfaction, leading to retention
More likely to overcome operations and performance concerns

What Have People Said About Skill Builder? 

“I work for Siemens Digital Industries Software, who has a strategic partnership with AWS. In my role, I liaise with Global Alliance Partners. Understanding AWS offerings and technology helps me lead productive discussions with AWS. I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials digital training in AWS Skill Builder to get a better grasp on cloud concepts. I went through the material in-between my meetings and could jump back in anytime. I needed to understand the basics quickly, which was exactly what Skill Builder helped me achieve.” 

- Hermias Hendrikse •  Business Development Lead, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Pretoria,
South Africa

“As I studied, I used AWS Skill Builder a lot. For every certification, I looked up all available resources in Skill Builder that related to the certification, and went through the material. I was really surprised at how well the material is thought out and curated. It’s an intuitive ecosystem that just makes sense. My “four in four” approach wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

What Are The Options for Skill Builder Subscriptions?

Paid subscriptions - like the ones we sell - offer a variety of additional features for obtaining certifications. At its core, Skill Builder comes in three subscriptions types:

  • Free digital training - Designed for organizations to test training features

  • Individual subscriptions - Recommended for smaller organizations

  • Team subscriptions - Recommended for larger organizations (minimum 50 subscriptions)

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