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Ken Lee

WAFR Program Manager

Well-Architected Framework Review

When it comes to Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFRs), Cloud303 is THE TOP choice! We have consistently been the AWS preferred partner for WAFRs, having conducted more of them than any other partner for several consecutive years. Our perfected process guarantees maximum value from beginning to end and beyond.

Our Innovative Approach

  • Pre-WAFR Questionnaire

    We'll start with a quick questionnaire to get all the basic info we need about your environment(s) to ensure you have a smooth WAFR process.

  • Pre-WAFR Scan

    We'll get read-only access to your environment and run a preliminary scan so we come to the WAFR conversation with discussion points.

  • WAFR "Conversation"

    Typically a 90-minute conversation with 2 AWS SAs from Cloud303. Come ready to talk about future plans as well so we can explore potential AWS funding opportunities.

  • Prioritized Recommendations

    We'll present a comprehensive set of recommendations organized by priority. This is intended to give you the ultimate path to Well-Architected success.

  • Remediation Path Forward

    Some high-risk items can be remediated for FREE as part of the WAFR process. If you need more help, we can always engage in a project, potentially offset by AWS funding.

  • Continued Support

    Post remediation, most companies choose for us to become their extended AWS team. We offer a number of services categorized by Proactive and Reactive as part of our Managed Services program.

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What Makes Us Unique

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Tailored WAF-Review:
Every environment is unique so generic recommendations just don't work.

Conversational Approach:
We're talking WITH you, not AT you!

Comprehensive Recommendations:
We'll prioritize these recommendations so you have a clear roadmap for success!

Focus on the FUTURE:
We're not just here to review your current environment, but also your plans for future environments.

Customer Testimonials

Michael Jarrett

“We are thrilled to have chosen Cloud303 for our AWS WAFR program implementation. Their team’s expertise and commitment to excellence have exceeded our expectations. They navigated the complexities of AWS seamlessly, ensuring our organization’s security needs were met with precision. Cloud303’s dedication, professionalism, and timely delivery are commendable.”


Michael Jarrett -

President & CEO

Stanley Zhong

“Cloud303’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in successfully implementing the AWS WAFR program in our organization. Cloud303 not only met our expectations but exceeded them in terms of professionalism, efficiency, and the value they brought to the project. Their thorough understanding of AWS and their ability to tailor solutions to our specific needs were truly impressive.”


Stanley Zhong -

Founder & CEO

Shriya Sekhsaria

“Cloud303 went above and beyond with our AWS WAFR program — they helped us align our architecture with our expansion goals, fix security vulnerabilities, and get our systems optimized! Would highly recommend Cloud303 if you’re looking for an honest, dependable team :)”


Shriya Sekhsaria -

Founder & CEO

Michael Scallan

“Cloud303 has truly impressed us with their professionalism and expertise in AWS services. They guided us through the complexities of the AWS WAFR program, making the process efficient and quick. Their dedication to our project and commitment to our security needs were exceptional.”


Michael Scallan -

VP of Engineering

Matt Wrather

“Cloud303 has been an invaluable partner as we navigate the vast terrain of AWS services and security. Their team has subject-matter expertise, a no-nonsense attitude, and an uncompromising and meticulous approach to the AWS WAFR program. They took the time to understand my needs and priorities, and tailored a solution just for us – one which has bolstered our security posture and our ability to observe and control our operating environment.”


Matt Wrather -

VP of Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our FAQs are covered below. Even if they answered your question, we'd still love to connect.

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Will Cloud303 help me with more than just the high-risk remediations?

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