• 13/05/ 2024
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No More Paying for Nothin’: Amazon S3’s Zero-Charge HTTP Error Codes

Amazon S3 has just announced that HTTP error codes will no longer incur charges, bringing relief to developers everywhere. Learn how this change came about and what it means for your AWS billing.

  • 11/04/ 2024
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS Small Medium Business (SMB) Competency

Cloud303, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, proudly announces its achievement of the AWS Small Medium Business (SMB) Competency, reinforcing its commitment to helping SMBs optimize their growth and innovation through expert AWS solutions.

  • 8/02/ 2024
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS Premier Partner Status, Marking a Year of Significant Milestones

Cloud303 is proud to announce our achievement of AWS Premier Partner status, a testament to our dedication to excellence in cloud solutions, capping off 2023 in style.

  • 3/01/ 2024
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS Well-Architected Validated Partner Status

Cloud303 combines advanced technological solutions and extensive expertise to help businesses fully utilize AWS’ comprehensive tools to achieve goals.

  • 18/12/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves Amazon EKS Service Delivery Program Designation

This prestigious recognition showcases Cloud303’s expertise in deploying, operating, and optimizing EKS-based applications.

  • 5/12/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves Fifth Service Delivery Program Designation with AWS WAF

Accolade underscores Cloud303’s dedication to mastering AWS technologies and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier web application security solutions.

  • 30/11/ 2023
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AWS re:Invent 2023: Top 10 Most Exciting Announcements So Far

From the ultra-fast Graviton4-powered EC2 instances to the pioneering Amazon Braket Direct in quantum computing, these innovations are not just advancements; they’re shaping the future of technology.

  • 27/11/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS Config SDP to Bolster Compliance-as-a-Service Offering

Cloud303’s expertise in AWS Config ensures robust compliance solutions for clients, automating compliance checks and aligning with standards like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

  • 17/11/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Secures Fifth AWS Competency with the Digital Workplace Designation

This recognition by AWS affirms Cloud303’s proficiency in enabling clients to work seamlessly from anywhere, fostering enhanced productivity and efficiency within modern work environments.

  • 8/11/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Earns Amazon RDS Service Delivery Designation

Cloud303, a prominent AWS Premier Partner, solidifies its position in the cloud services sector by achieving the esteemed Amazon RDS Service Delivery designation, affirming its proficiency in delivering sophisticated and and scalable database solutions.

  • 23/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303’s New Website is Here to Wow You: A Digital Wonderland of Cloud Solutions and So Much More!

Hold onto your hats, cloud enthusiasts! Cloud303’s new website is a digital wonderland of cloud solutions, and it’s live NOW!

  • 21/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Recognized as Amazon ECS Experts with Service Delivery Program Designation

Accolade validates Cloud303’s dedication to implementing Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate services.

  • 10/10/ 2023
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Deep Dive: Understanding the Risks of LDAP Over Public Wi-Fi Networks

While both LDAP and LDAPS serve the same purpose, the security implications between the two can be profound

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  • 4/10/ 2023
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Sidestepping the Snags: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Microsoft workloads on AWS can offer tremendous benefits, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and performance enhancements. However, without the right strategies, you might not fully leverage these benefits.

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  • 4/10/ 2023
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Embracing the Remote Work Era with Amazon WorkSpaces

With the global shift towards remote work, largely propelled by the recent pandemic, the traditional paradigms of business operations have been overhauled.

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  • 4/10/ 2023
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Sphero’s Heroic Move: How Cloud303 Used WAFR to Improve Robotic Company’s AWS Landscape

The Well-Architected Program allowed Cloud303 to perform an in-depth analysis of Sphero’s AWS infrastructure at no risk or cost to the company.

  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Recognized As Microsoft Experts With Service Delivery Award

Just rewards for expertise in cloud migration and modernization of Windows-based solutions.

Amazon-Omics HIW 11.16.127954d80e33486fc84d08b0a7fa4046f8332b16
  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Strikes Partnership with Amazon HealthOmics

New fully-managed AWS service allows users to store, query, analyze, and derive insights from genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data to improve health discoveries

  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS DevOps Competency

Recognition confirms Cloud303’s proficiency in technology and expertise in helping customers on AWS.

  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Recognized For Achieving 50 AWS Certifications

Known as an AWS Certification Distinction, the achievement highlights the company’s expertise in designing, deploying, and operating applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform.

  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Celebrates After Bagging AWS Migration Competency

AWS Premier Consulting Partner earns its maiden AWS Competency validation after rigorous rounds of audits.

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  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
AWS’ Elite 8 Puts Cloud303 On The MAP

Cloud303, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Migration Competency holder, has made it to the Elite 8 of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)  competition.

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  • 3/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Earns Coveted AWS Life Sciences Competency Award

The AWS Life Sciences Competency is awarded to partners demonstrating superior proficiency in managing complex life sciences workloads on AWS.

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  • 20/09/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery Program Designation

Cloud303, a front-runner in cloud solutions and an AWS Premier Partner, has announced its successful attainment of the AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery Program (SDP) designation. This achievement validates the company’s expertise in automation and infrastructure management, cementing its role as an industry leader in AWS services.

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  • 20/09/ 2023
  • Press Release
Cloud303 Achieves 4th AWS Competency with Microsoft Workloads

This milestone signifies Cloud303’s continuous dedication to providing high-quality services and adds another dimension to its existing competencies, marking the third competency attained this year.

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  • 20/09/ 2023
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What are microservices?

Explore the transformative power of microservices over traditional monolithic architectures, and discover how AWS offerings have revolutionized the way companies scale and innovate in the cloud.